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Custom OWA Forms in Exchange 2007 – Refreshing OWA after editing a custom element

This is some sort of follow up to yesterdays post about custom OWA forms. If a user opens an OWA form for editing, OWA opens the edit form for the item in a new window. In most forms, a click on the “Save” button will also close this window and OWA will reload the preview window as well as the items list via a custom AJAX call. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not documented how to do this for custom forms, so the method described here is to be considered totally unsupported, and it may stop to work with any future service pack or roll-up.

Two javascript functions have to be called to execute a refresh of both the preview pane and the items list:

   1: window.opener.ref();      // refresh the list view
   2: window.opener.udRP(1);    // refresh the reading pane
   3: window.close();           // close the edit window

If you followed my steps from the last post, you can use a standard button (or link button) to create your own save button. In that case, use the following code to emit the required script:

   1: protected void SaveButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
   2: {
   3:     if (!Page.IsValid)
   4:     {
   5:         return;
   6:     }
   8:     // Do what is necessary to save the changes made by the user
  10:     Response.ClearContent();
  11:     Response.Write("<script language='javascript'>window.opener.ref(); window.opener.udRP(1); window.close();</script>");
  12:     Response.End();
  13: }

Posted by Henning Krause on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 10:17 PM, last modified on Monday, November 29, 2010 6:49 PM
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