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Figure 1 windowThe database of Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 is called WebStorageSystem. This database can be accessed via WebDAV, a HTTP related protocol. Mistaya allows you to explore this database with an explorer-like interface. All you need is a connection via port 80 to the exchange server.


  • View and modify properties of any item within the store
  • Exchange specific features:
  • Advanced Wizard to connect to available public folder hierachies and mailboxes within an Active Directory forest, even those not published on a virtual directory.
  • View and modify security settings for any public folder / mailbox / message Screenshot
  • View and manage Attachments Screenshot
  • View deleted but not yet permantely removed files and directories
  • Recover deleted elements and folder or destroy them permanently
  • Display the size of all elements within a folder, even if it exceeds 4GB
  • Translate most of the number-based MAPI properties to a human-readable format (currently, ca. 2500 properties are included)


  • NEW: If the server sends an invalid certificate, the user is now prompted wheter he wants to proceed with the request or abort it.
  • NEW: Additional to basic and NTLM authentication, Digest and Kerberos authentication is now available.
  • NEW: The form-based authentication of Exchange 2003 is now supported.
  • NEW: A progressbar is shown whenever an element is refreshed.
  • NEW: Replaced the property grid with a listview.
  • NEW: It is now possible to choose how base64 decoded values are displayed: Hex, UTF-8, UTF-7, Unicode or ASCII
  • CHANGED: Property descriptions in translationtable.xml are not longer case-sensitive.
  • FIX: Properties of type mv.base64 are now properly decoded.
  • NEW: More than 1800 MAPI new properties in properties.xml
  • FIX: Folder and Items can now be renamed
  • FIX: Items with custom properties (Outlook custom properties) are now correctly displayed.
  • FIX: several minor fixes
  • NEW: Recover deleted elements or folder or destroy them permanently.
  • NEW: String properties can now be modified in an extra dialog. It is now possible to edit multi-line strings.
  • NEW: Deleted Items are now displayed in an extra pane below the items.
  • NEW: Item / Folder size is now displayed in listview. Should also work for (Exchange) folders with content > 4GB
  • NEW: An image is shown near elements containing one or more attachments.
  • CHANGED: Redesigned Connection dialog. Should be more intuitive now
  • CHANGED: Redesigned Aboutbox
  • FIXED: The "Send Bugreport" and "Send Featurerequest" should now work properly.
  • FIXED: "Object not set to an instance" error in connection wizard, when connecting to an AD in the current forest
  • FIXED: "Object not set to an instance" error after finishing the Connection wizard.
  • FIXED: Items can now be deleted from the items pane
  • FIXED: Connection dialog shows "Object not set to an instance" error.
  • CHANGED: Renamed translationtable.xml to properties.xml
  • NEW: Windows style dialog for managing security Permissions
  • NEW: Ability to show extra information on properties. Currently used to translate most of the numbered MAPI properties to clear names. Translations are stored in the file translationtable.xml and can be extended by the user. Currently has nearly 700 property descriptions, mostly taken from the MSDN documentation.
  • FIXED: Drag&Drop is now functioning properly
  • FIXED: Move or Copy folder via drag&drop overwrites destination folder
  • FIXED: Connection with integrated authentication displays error "Object not set to an instance"


Mistaya published on 08/24/2004


Posted by Henning Krause on Sunday, January 2, 2005 5:24 PM, last modified on Sunday, January 2, 2005 6:28 PM
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i want to create appointment in exchange server by programming aspnet with csharp
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